Play Christmas


Never say never, I guess. After deciding when the “Harvey” run ended that I would not seek another acting role this year, one sought me. Turns out two friends I met earlier this year in the “After The End Of The World” play in Elmhurst have their own Vex Theater Company in Elgin, Illinois. Rich, my director in the “Precisely” play and Cathleen Ann, playwright of the “Castle” play invited me to join the cast for their “Twist-A-Carol IV” a series of skits with a somewhat less than serious take on Christmas.

This program is for one weekend only…December 6-8, for four performances. Rehearsals have ramped up already. I get to appear in three of the skits. In “Dr. Whoville” mentioned in the flyer above, it’s Dr. Who arriving to save Whoville, with me appearing as a hero of mine, Dr. Seuss himself. In the very funny “Castle” production, I get to be Halifax, the sneaky, somewhat greedy manager of Dream Castles, guilty of promising three very different couples they would each have the castle to themselves. Finally, in “Stiff Upper Lip,” I am Dr. Plantum, one of three Victorian morticians trying to reconcile their emotions during an “office” Christmas party in the morgue.

There are several other crazy pieces as well. As I mentioned, a somewhat less than serious look at Christmas. I hope you’ll find time to come enjoy. Details are in the flyer above. In the midst of some very challenging life situations on every front, it feels especially good being someone else for now. Three someones else, even better. And I’ve always wanted to wear a top hat.

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