Crazy old wizard. Indeed.


“Your eyes can deceive you…don’t trust them,” said Obi-Wan Kenobi to young Luke Skywalker. I’d say go ahead and trust them here…I am indeed a crazy old wizard. If you doubted that before, I now offer proof positive. Yep. Me. Old Ben Kenobi. Of course I prefer to call him “older” Ben Kenobi. The next obvious question is “why?” The first obvious answer is “Because I can.” I use that one a lot.

Here, I have simply used my readily available blog format to post costume evaluation photos for the Rebel Legion, an apparently worldwide Star Wars costuming organization. The local group in the Chicago area is involved in a variety of character appearances for a variety of charities and well, just for fun. They take things seriously, and that suits me, Bill Never-Do-Anything-Halfway Boggs, just fine.

My costume was accepted as authentic movie quality and I’ve joined the Rebel Legion. Yep, I guess I’ve always been part of the rebel legion, often undercover. Anyway, thought you might like an explanation of this somewhat unusual blog post.

Overall, I’ve reframed myself from writer to edutainer (I hope that’s not a word…we all know the mark of scholar is to make up words). In whatever endeavor, I love entertaining…making my audience feel something, while I communicate something new or something old in a new way. I think this describes me well, whether I write, draw, plink my banjo, or act, I am edutaining. First a noun, now a verb. I’m on a roll!

So today, crazy old wizard. The more I think about that, the more I need to go over to LinkedIn and make that my occupation. May the Force be with you.





front, no hood.


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