Coming soon!

Hi there! I’m writing this evening to introduce an upcoming posting I’m especially excited about. For this, I’m welcoming a special guest author…my grandson Austin Cressman. He’s written a fantasy fiction tale called, “The Ceremony.” I believe this 13-year old wordsmith has come up with a well-conceived, well-written and prize-winning piece.

I’ve learned recently that teachers there days no longer call these things stories. Nope. They’re narratives. Guess that’s a little promotion. So in a day or so, look for “The Ceremony,” a narrative by Austin Cressman right here on my blog. Yep. I’m a proud grandad.

Austin is the son of my daughter Valerie and her husband Tim. They live in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

Watch for “The Ceremony.” Coming soon!

FullSizeRender 2

Austin and me last spring.

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