Catch A Wave! surf bathroom II

I’m still a little damp. Damp and proud. In the immortal words of the A-Team’s Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together!” I do, I do.

As I pieced together my surf bathroom redecoration over the last several months, several things just weren’t quite right. The hermit crab boys were too crowded in their little tank. And the music switch on the toilet seat lid just wasn’t quite there, either. But there was one big thing left to do besides fixing those.

A surf bathroom needs, well, surf. A wave. Water. Being a simple country boy at heart, I never heard of a bidet until I was a grown man. To avoid graphic detail, while in California on business, I was staying at a fancy hotel. I innocently flipped a switch while in the bathroom. WHOOSH! Suffice it to say I came off that toilet like I was shot out of a cannon. A powerful wave hit me where the sun don’t shine. A wave indeed. Filed that little experience away, did I.

While talking with a friend about continuing to dream last November, I did think of adding a bidet to my bathroom project. It was cost prohibitive, so I put it in my unfulfilled vision file. Until about two weeks ago. I got a “deals” email featuring a bidet attachment. I never knew such a thing existed. I couldn’t get it ordered fast enough. Today I put aside my personal hatred for everything plumbing and installed my own “Catch A Wave” attachment (what I call the Joy Bidet) to my surf bathroom toilet. For a demonstration, watch the video clip.

It works very well. And I gave up the notion to make the wave occur automatically so a seat occupant will at least know something is coming. Catching a wave got me all motivated to redesign the musical toilet lid switch, too. Reprogrammed the music to play The Beach Boys’  “Catch A Wave” when the lid is raised. And the crab boys got a larger crabitat.

Is the bathroom done? Nope.

"Catch A Wave" control panel. Choose from four wave sizes.

“Catch A Wave” control panel. Choose from four wave sizes.

6 thoughts on “Catch A Wave! surf bathroom II

  1. I replayed the video for Josiah at the part where you show the soap dispenser and then paused it as you show Herkimer and Aloysius. Josiah said, “I see the lamp with the fire!” So, you should also be glad to know that you lamp is not just a lamp, but really rather like a tiki torch – rather beach like! I’d also like to add that I’m glad you gave up the idea of the wave occurring automatically. That was kind. Nice job with the bathroom!


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